The Ranger 9000 is a powerful heavy - duty control which can be used to provide intrusion detection for large residences, retail, commercial or industrial buildings. It comes standard with 16 zones and expansion capability of 32 zones. For applications where partitioning is needed, the 9000 can be divided into four different systems to facilitate departmental security requirements. The 9000 can also accomodate applications that require an on-site printer to provide a hard copy of specific data relating to the security system.

Ranger- For Peace of Mind

This sophisticated, yet simple to use security system is designed to provide you with the necessary tools needed to assure the ultimate in electronic burglary and fire protection. Multiple zones allow user to pinpoint key areas of break-ins. To turn on the system, just look for a green "ready" light and enter your personnel code. That's almost all you need to know! Give yourself the Peace Of Mind you deserve.... the RANGER 9000 Security Control from Caddx



Providing you with complete system status at a glance, this beautifully styled LED keypad shows you what you need to know for proper operation of your security system. Soft-touch keys and backlit with an audible feedback for error free code entries even in a darkened room.


A maximum of 30 different codes can be used with your system. These codes can be changed or removed through the system keypad.


When activated, the opening of protected doors and windows will produce a one second "beep" through the keypad controls


Partitioning allows you to have upto four separate systems within one building.


Internal memory function allows the 9000 to record selected events such as alarms, open/close reports etc., for future review.


This selectable feature allows the 9000 to automatically arm at a predesignated time of day if it has not already been armed.


The 9000 can monitor the phone line which may link your security system to a central monitoring station.


Any of the zones can be bypassed through the system keypad while the system is disarmed. This allows for selective zone arming