Burgular Alarm / Fire Panels

Caddx-Controls, USA has been in the business of the manufacturing Burglar Alarm Control Panels for over 20 years and is exporting to over 20 countries. These are now available in India with Caddx Prasha Controls Ltd. These panels are UL listed and have proved to be very successful in India. The burglar alarm panels are capable of arming all establishments, from a small flat to a large farmhouse or factory complex. CPCL has over 1000-sucessful installations in India during the last three years.

Click for more informationWith the use of Burglar Alarm Control Panels you can: -

Detect any intrusion into your complex using Magnetic        Contacts, PIRs, Glass Break Detectors etc.- thus making your environment safe.

  Automatically dial out to your pager/phone monitoring station and          inform of any alarm/Click for more information intrusion during your absence from your premise.

Maintain a 24 hours watch, with stand by battery backup. So Click for more informationpower failure is no problem.

Use the same panel for Fire Alarm System using smoke / heat detectors. So you save money on fire detection System.

  Have three levels of alarm intimations i.e. at the local keypad inside   the house, by loud siren outside the house to Click for more informationalert neighbours and because of in-built AutoDial facility. It will dial out to your Pager/Central Monitoring Station and raise alarm.

See past 80 events stored in memory. This data can be down loaded into a PC and printed out.

Have 14 separate user codes for arming/disarming.

System is tamper proof and in case of any tampering, the siren would go off.

LPG Detectors

This safety related device is offered to detect LPG Gas leakage. In India, there are many LPG gas related accidents due to leaks, which if detected in time canbe prevented

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