The Pegasus 5000 series consists of simple readers for proximity cards. They can function as Stand-Alone systems and also for multi-door, computer based systems.







Insert Magnetic Reader ,            Proximity Reader ,

Hand Free Reader ,                   Remote Control Reader


120(L) x 83(W) x 30(H) m/m
Surface Mount, Water Proof Reading
Proximity 3-15cm 125Khz
Operating Temperature
0~50 deg. C
20%~90% RH
Power Supply  
Transmission Rate
4,800 bps
With 3 X 4 membrane keypad for system Programming and Password entry
RS-485 or Wiegand or TTL
450g + 5%


Access control system with Proximity reader.

Easy to install, low profile and designed for indoor or outdoor use.

With tamper switch and two loop sensor inputs to trigger alarm as case is tampered or loop is intruded.

Programmable doors release & monitoring time, error trials, alarm time.

Non volatile EEPROM to store system parameters for 100 years.

Allow 9,999 cards capacity for Access Control function.

With CPU watch - dog function to prevent malfunction.