NetworX NX-6 Main Control
• 6 Fully Programmable Zones
• Zone Doubling To 12 Zones
• Wireless Expansion Up To 16 Zones
• All Zones Programmable as Fire or Burglary
• 2 True Partitions
• Up/Downloadable w/Competitor Lockout
• Modular Design w/Slide In PC Boards
• Fuseless Design
• 4 On-Board Outputs (47 events programmable by partition)
• Maximum 8 Keypads per Partition
• 2-Wire or 4-Wire Smoke Detectors
• Force Arming By Zone
• Automatic Arming w/Auto Retry
• Assign Zones To One or Multiple Partitions
• 40 User Codes (4 or 6 Digit)
• One Duress Code
• Walk Test Mode
• Built-In Siren Driver/Voltage Out
• Siren Supervision
• Three Keypad Activated Panics
• Voltage and Current Telephone Line Monitor
• Dynamic Battery Test

Events are reportable to 1,2, or 3 phone numbers
and are selectable by partition and/or event.
• SIA and Contact ID Formats
• Supports All Major Formats
• Event Activated Pager Format
• Flexible Autotest Reports
• Failure To Communicate Reporting
• Reports Entering/Exiting Program Mode
• Will Communicate Alarm Events During Programming

185 Event Log

• Includes Date, Time, Event, and Partition Number

•2 True Partitions
• Separate Account Code For Each Partition
•User Code Assignment To Multiple Partitions
• Separate Feature Selections For Each Partition
• Independent Entry/Exit Delays For Each Partition

Wireless Zone Expansion
The NX-6 can be expanded using the 8 or 16 Zone Wireless Receiver
• ITI Wireless Technology
• Up To 16 Supervised Wireless Zones
• Keypad annunciation of Alarm, Tamper,
Low Battery, & Lost Transmitter

Output Expansion
NX-508 - 8 Programmable Output Module
• Eight 100mA Open Collector Outputs
• X-10 Compatible
• Separate Auxiliary Power Supervision
• Remote Locatable
• Box Tamper Input

Smart Power Supply and Bus Extender
NX-320 Smart Power Supply and Bus Extender.
• 2 Amp Continuous Power Supply
• Remote Locatable, Extends Bus Range Up To 2,500'
• Two Stage Battery Charging
• Active Battery Test
• Low Battery Disconnect
• Isolation and Buffering of Data Bus
• Three 1.5 Amp Switched Outputs
• 2.5 Amp Fully Supervised Bell Output
• All Outputs Short Circuit Protected
• Box Tamper Input

Power Specifications
• 1 Amp Aux Power w/16.5V 40VA Transformer
• 500mA Aux Power w/16.5V 25VA Transformer

Flexible expansion capabilities for mid-size installations.
With available add-on modules to accommodate enhancements such as wireless intergration, X-10 home automation, two-way voice, and cellemetry back-up, the NX-6 provides flexible expansion capabilities for mid-size installations. These multiple systems modules will slide into the X-Pand-A-CanTM metal enclosure, with up-front terminal placement and corresponding wire channels for efficient access to all modules. For added flexibility, the NX-6 can be programmed for zone doubling, which will increase the hardwire zone count from 6 to 12.

System expansion modules* for the NetworX NX-6.
*Maximum, three modules per control.

Power Module
NX-320 Smart Power Supply & Bus Extender - When the job is too large for a conventional control, the NX-320 expands the options of the NetworX NX-6. This "Smart Power Supply" can provide up to 2 amps of additional 12 volt auxiliary power. This module also allows the bus circuit to be extended an additional 2,500 feet for a total distance of 5,000 feet for larger buildings, or satellite buildings located a distance away from the main building. The NetworX NX-6 will grow to meet your demands.

Wireless Expansion Module
NX-408 & NX-416 Wireless Receivers - These receivers allow the integration of the most advanced wireless technology with the NX-6. Up to 16 transmitters can be individually displayed at the keypad for alarm and all supervisory reports. Its modular design permits mounting in the NX-6 enclosure with the main control, and provides the very best range and reliability in wireless systems today.

Output Module
NX-508 Eight Output Module - Flexible mapping from a large library of events or combination of events allows the NX-508 to become the director of lights, home automation, and industrial process control with either X-10 or other power outputs. This module also includes a parallel printer output to allow for local hard copy reporting of all significant events.

Two-Way Voice Module
NX-534 Two-Way Voice Module - The NX-534 allows two-way voice access with two microphone inputs. A unique call-in mode permits the user to place a telephone call to “listen-in” to the audible conditions within the areas of protection. Other features include a call-back mode, high gain/low gain listen-in modes, line hold mode, and speaker lockout. The NX-534 provides a cost affective approach to high quality audio performance.

Home Systems Audio Module
NX-535 Home Systems Audio/Two-Way Voice Module

Telephone Interface Module
NX-540 "Operator II" - Voice interface and system control via local or remote telephone access becomes even easier with the integrated NX-540 "Operator II". Controlling the alarm system with up to 32 X-10 outputs becomes as simple as dialing the operator.