People and organisations have security needs and these needs are seldom fulfilled. People around are not always totally dependable, constantly posing threat to the property/intellectual property/money. A responsible and accountable person will not ignore his security needs



Now, Caddx Prasha Controls Ltd., India has solutions, which can relieve you of all these problems and give you peaceful nights sleep. We have solutions for your security problems. The products marketed by CPCL are of very high quality. The Company deals in Burglar Alarm Systems/Fire/Gas Panels, Close Circuit Television systems (CCTV), Access Control Systems, and Consultancy on Security related matters to clients, Architects, Interior Designers and Electrical Contractors. These systems are used in homes, Offices, Shops, Industries, Godowns etc.

Caddx Prasha Controls Ltd., India provides personalised help to aged and needy people living alone in Delhi region, India, where premises are equipped with Caddx Control panels. This service is of immense help to their loved ones working abroad or away from Delhi.

Caddx Prasha Controls Ltd. has also established a CENTRAL MONITORING STATION (CMS) in Delhi. The Control Panel located at customers premises communicates to the CMS through existing telephone lines and the premises can be under surveillance 24 hrs. round the clock. In case of crisis resulting in an alarm the operator managing the CMS will automatically have all details needed to take action for speedy help to combat the crisis.